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Situated in Upper Constantia at the bottom of a quiet, brick paved cul-de-sac is the peaceful retreat that is KAAPSE DRAAI

Guests are welcomed to the tranquil beauty of the garden and the tastefully decorated interior by Annelie and her right-hand Engela. Together they are more than qualified to see that your every need is catered for, from impeccably kept rooms and fine bed linen to refreshments in the lush garden, from delightful breakfasts to sumptuous suppers on request.

A limited number of guests - Annelie tries not to book more than six people in at a time - ensures that service is always personal, and new friendships are quickly formed around the breakfast table.

Years ago Kaapse Draai used to be a protea nursery and, even though you won't find proteas, the garden retained an air of vibrant richness. Age-old oaks, palms and tropical vegetation line the little mountain stream that winds its way down from the southern slopes of Table Mountain. The garden rambles on into a 'green belt' of undisturbed meadow running through the whole of Constantia.

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